Terms of Pattaya Limousine

  • The value of your tours include personalized tour with commentary, GST and entry fees if stated they are included, hotel pick up and drop off, and complimentary water.

  • Food is at your own expense or as stated.

  • Gas excluded or as stated
  • First Class insurance included
  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

  • Valid credit card details must be provided upon booking your tour with us.

  • We do not refunds however you can move the tour date.

  • A proof of identification, such as a valid International passport, may be asked for the client to provide for safety reasons.

  • The client acknowledges that during a tour he / she is required to submit to the reasonable instructions and leadership of guide(s).

  • Parents, teachers, and those in comparable roles in respect of children must maintain control of those children.

  • The client acknowledges that persons attending a tour are entitled to expect a high standard of conduct and regard for personal well being on the part of all clients.

  • For this reason the client accepts that Private Tours may, in its absolute discretion and without the need to give reasons, arrange for him / her to be removed from a tour, if necessary against his / her will. Circumstances in which this might occur include (without limitation) disorderly or abusive conduct; intoxication; failure of control over children; inadequacy of clothing; incapacity or inability to meet the general safety regulations of the tour. In such circumstances the client will not be entitled to a refund. Breaking Thai law or not respecting Thai religion or the Thai Royal Familly.

  • Private Tours will not be liable for any losses so resulting. The client will on demand reimburse Private Tours its reasonable costs of effecting his / her removal.

  • Private Tours: Tours take place in the open countryside and are by their very nature not absolutely free from hazard.

  • Private Tours makes every effort to minimise risk to clients and instructs clients in the safe negotiation of such risks that may remain.

  • Consequently, the client acknowledges that there are circumstances in which an accident could befall a client without Private Tours being at fault and accepts that to that extent he / she is taking part in a Private Tours tour at his / her own risk.

  • The client acknowledges that other loss, damage and expense (including, without limitation, loss of money, loss or damage to clothes and possessions and the expenses of delay and harm) caused other than by the negligence of Private Tours. If any situation arises is not the responsibility of Private Tours and that Private Tours liability is hereby limited.

  • In the unlikely event that a client has cause for complaint about a tour, complaint should be made to a representative of Private Tours during the event, in order that corrective action can, if necessary, be taken. The client acknowledges that it is unreasonable to take no action during a course but to complain later. However, should a problem not be resolved, complaint should be made in writing within 3 days.

  • To the extent permitted by law Private Tours will not be liable in respect of claims first intimated later than 28 days from the close of the relevant tour.

  • The client acknowledges that have read this terms avaible on the website. With the payment he agrees and give his consent to this terms. A consent form acknowledging all the terms and conditions will be presented to the client on the morning of the tour.

  • All of our group tours are conducted by our friendly partners. Private Tours will not be liable for anything related to group tours. Our partners have their own terms and conditions and if you would like a copy, please send us an email.

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