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Welcome to free service by rewards, by completing simple tasks on line you will get point or gold as we call it that is converted to coupons. You are free to pick how many and what rewards you sign up for. When one reward is complete you will get an email telling you how many points you got. By logging in to your account you can see the total amount of coupons you have, please share it with others. With the reward calculator you can see how much that reflects in your currency. Some rewards are free and some paid it is your choice. Please understand that Thailand Dog do not offer any help to complete the rewards nor are we responsibly for them it is entirely done by third-party. You need to login to see the rewards.

Surveys Rewards

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Some of the survey do not work?
– Please make sure your answer is honest, you are filling in the correct information and not using a proxy. Some survey can only done once.

Can you help me complete an offer?
– No

Can you help me contact the survey company?
– No

Can I sell my coupons?
We rather see you did not, however you can sell the service that you get for them.

Is there a limit how many offers or surveys I can do?
– No

If I travel to another country will there will be other offers?
– Probably, but again do not use a proxy.

I did not get any points after completing my survey?
– Wait 24 hours if you did not get any points we do not get it either. You probably did not read the instructions.

Can I contact you if I have any more questions?
– Most defiantly however we do not answer any questions regarding the surveys and offers. Please contact us here

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